Eurovision Rehearsals Preview

Eurovision dress rehearsals begin this Sunday, May 1. Opinions can change greatly during the rehearsal period – and so, therefore, can betting odds. Anticipating those movements offers an opportunity to make a penny or two even before the contest starts.

In previous years, much of my betting strategy has crystallised only during the rehearsals period, […]

Eurovision Betting Analysis: Can the Netherlands reverse their fortunes?

In this series so far I’ve tended to deal with countries which have a strong track record in Eurovision. When a Dutch Eurovision magazine asked me if I would like to write an article on the chances for the Netherlands this year, it was an opportunity to write instead about the country which has the […]

London Eurovision Party Review

Last night, the London Eurovision Party took place. Seven of the 2011 acts took to the stage to perform their songs, including returning winner Dana International.

One shouldn’t read too much into performances in cramped nightclubs that often have poor sound. In 2009 quite the gamble was generated on Ukraine’s Svetlana Loboda on the basis […]

Sofabet in Dusseldorf

Just a quick note to inform our readers that with press accreditation approved for Eurovision 2011, I will be in Dusseldorf blogging on the rehearsals. Right here you will find regular updates from the venue during this two-week period, starting on May 1, with the usual Sofabet analysis on how the songs are coming across […]

Top Tip Update: Will the Returning Countries Make A Difference?

Having argued that the public vote still matters more than the jury vote in my last Top Tip Update, I think it makes sense for punters to consider carefully how the composition of the contest could make a difference to the result in an open-looking year.

From year to year, some countries drop out of […]

Eurovision Betting Analysis: Can Yuksek Sadakat ‘Live It Up’ for Turkey?

From a punting point of view, Turkey is my favourite Eurovision nation. My first four-figure bet in the contest came when I’d worked out in 2006 that its plethora of diaspora votes virtually guaranteed it qualification from the semi-final that year.

Come 2010, it was the same story, except the amounts I was wagering on […]

Eurovision Betting Analysis: Will Russia triumph again with Alexey Vorobyov?

Russia is a heavyweight in Eurovision terms – one of the big hitters I wrote about last month. Diaspora voting in the ex-CIS states means that it always has to be taken seriously. It followed two placed efforts in 2006-7 with victory in 2008. And even with two ESC-unfriendly songs in 2009’s ‘Mamo’ and 2010’s […]

Top Tip Update: More evidence that the public vote still matters most

For the last two years, Eurovision punters have had to contend with the return of the national juries in a 50/50 voting system with the public televote. As I wrote in my recent post analysing what kind of songs the juries go for, we know a lot more about the effects of the return of […]