X Factor 2010 Review: Thoughts on the Sympathy Bounce

The sympathy bounce is something we refer to frequently on Sofabet, as it’s often a key consideration in the next elimination betting. It refers to the phenomenon of an act surviving the sing-off and then, the following week, receiving a boost in votes that keeps them safe.

In the 2010 series, five acts survived at […]

X Factor 2010 Review: Reading the Runes of the Running Order Part 2

Yesterday’s article analysed the effects of the running order on the vote. Today’s article flips that around: what’s the effect of the vote on the running order? As punters, we don’t know the voting statistics until after the final. But the show’s producers do, and it would be a surprise if they didn’t use their […]

X Factor 2010 Review: Reading the Runes of the Running Order

The running order clearly has a big effect on X Factor voting, but even with the voting statistics to hand, quantifying its effect isn’t a straightforward matter.

We can say, for example, that in the first seven weeks of 2010’s competition, acts performing in the pimp slot (last of all in the running order) outperformed […]

X Factor 2010 Review: The Science of the Sing-Off

Continuing our review of X Factor series 7, a fascinating trend emerged with the sing-offs. Eight out of nine sing-off survivors in 2010 were the second of the two acts to perform in the Sunday showdown.

Is this a coincidence? It seems unlikely. The point of the sing-off format is twofold: to give those who […]

X Factor 2010 Review: The Journeys of Wagner and Katie Waissel

Until they both departed in week 8’s bonfire of the headline-grabbers, the two defining acts of X Factor 2010 had undoubtedly been Wagner and Katie Waissel. Their respective X Factor journeys were taken along very different paths, and may shed some light on the fascinating question of how much of X Factor is scripted well […]

X Factor 2010 Review: How Was Matt Cardle Allowed To Win? Part 2

In this second article reviewing X Factor 2010 with the help of the voting statistics to see what we can learn for X Factor 2011 betting purposes, we pick up on yesterday’s argument that Matt Cardle won almost by default.

Had he faced an emerging force like 2008’s Alexandra Burke, who came from relatively low […]

X Factor 2010 Review: How Was Matt Cardle Allowed To Win? Part 1

Here at Sofabet we hope to be your number one source of analysis for betting on X Factor 2011. With that in mind, we today start a series of posts picking over the carcass of X Factor 2010 to see what we can learn from the week-by-week voting statistics, which were released by ITV after […]

Dancing on Ice: Why we won’t be

Many thanks to those of you who’ve been in touch to ask if we’ll be covering Dancing on Ice, which starts on ITV1 this weekend. The answer is probably not, and certainly not in any great depth – simply because neither of us has watched it religiously enough in previous seasons to be able to […]