X Factor: Wagner – An Anatomy of an Assassination

When the kill finally came, it was clinical. After seven weeks of doing everything they could to keep Wagner safe, skilfully manipulating the “vote Wagner” campaigners who mistakenly thought they were annoying the show by voting for him, week 8 saw producers do everything they could to get him out. They succeeded.

It was a […]

X Factor Week 8 Betting Post-Mortem

For the last two weekends, this website was the top Google search result for the phrase “vote Wagner campaign” (it took them to our page explaining why the “vote Wagner” campaigners were, from the show’s perspective, useful idiots). A week ago, 116 visitors found us through this search – this weekend, it was only 25.


X Factor Week 8 Sunday Update

The story of the night was definitely that the show now wants rid of Wagner. Have a look at our article earlier this week entitled “how to get Wagner out“, in which we discuss how we would be able to tell when the producers wanted him gone. An early slot in the running order? Check. […]

X Factor Week 8 Elimination Market

Louis Walsh said on Irish radio that it would be a double elimination this week. We’ve heard that one before, but with each singer performing two numbers, the dynamic of the show is definitely changing as producers gear up for the final few weeks.

This is the first week for a while I will not […]

X Factor: An interview with the “Twitter vote leak” source

When any punter hears that inside information might be leaking out, two questions naturally spring to mind. Can I get hold of it? And if I can’t, how confident can I be that other punters haven’t got hold of it either?

So when, after his shock eviction in the week 6 results show, Aiden dramatically […]

Handling the Headline Grabbers: Wagner, Widdi and Waissel

Controversial or novelty acts are an essential element of TV talent contests, a format that originated with ‘variety’ shows. Having twelve passable dancers or singers does not provide variety; adding a Wagner, Widdecombe or even a Waissel to the mix, does.

TV producers and tabloid editors, desperate for ratings and sales in an age of […]

Midweek refleXions: Our X Factor finishing order prediction revisited

Almost two months ago, after judges’ houses, Daniel and I put our heads together to predict the finishing order of the then-final 12. It was a bit of fun, and inevitably we didn’t get everything right.

But seven weeks into the live shows, we’re struck – although we say so ourselves – by how well […]

X Factor: How to get Wagner out

Another week, another Wagner survival, another predictable round of misunderstandings. A glance at the likes of votefortheworst.com reveals they are still under the deluded impression that they are annoying the show by voting for Wagner – whereas, as we have argued, the show is in fact playing these gullible “vote Wagner” campaigners like a cheap […]