X Factor Week 4 Sunday Update

That was a fright night, alright. With Paije available this morning at 12/1, my speculative bets at single-figure odds before Saturday’s show now look less than wise and I am glad I kept them to relatively small stakes.

I haven’t given up hope entirely. Last year Rikki Loney was eliminated after singing 9th in the […]

X Factor Week 4 Elimination Market

It took three weeks of poor draws, bad styling and dodgy song arrangements to kill off John Adeleye. Paije Richardson might know just how he feels by Sunday evening.

The wildcard garnered praise from Simon Cowell in Week 1, but has been given terrible draws for both weeks since – third in Week 2 and […]

Midweek refleXions: Still going in One Direction?

It’s been three weeks since we reasoned in our preview of the then-final 12 that One Direction went into the live shows as this year’s Producer Plan A to win the whole thing. Time to take stock: how is that initial reading of the situation now looking?

In the outright winner betting markets, One Direction […]

X Factor Week 3 Betting Post-Mortem

Poor old John Adeleye finally relinquished his grip on the X Factor cliff edge, after three weeks of the producers stomping on his fingers (and three weeks of me backing him in the elimination market – I suppose I had to be right sooner or later). It won’t be much consolation for him, but with […]

X Factor Week 3 Sunday Update

The running order is always an interesting guide to what X Factor producers want to happen, but rarely are their preferences revealed as blatantly as last night.

Giving the last two slots to Katie and Wagner is a clear indication that producers are very keen to have both of these two headline-generating acts around for […]

X Factor Week 3 Elimination Market

This week’s musical theme is Guilty Pleasures. The theme for the elimination betting market might as well be Mission Impossible. Questions hang over the five most probable candidates to go home, and don’t forget it’s another double elimination with all the problems that entails.

Will a poor choice of song halt the Wagner bandwagon? Will […]

Midweek refleXions: Why Storm was ditched

When Storm Lee looks back on his X Factor experience, he will have good reason to feel hard done by.

All through the buildup shows, Storm seemed to be being groomed for a central role in the early live shows. His spat with Simon over his stage name seemed to set him up to be […]

X Factor Week 2 Betting Post-Mortem

Well, an apology of sorts is called for after the weekend’s events. In my original article on Saturday morning, I had got wind of a rumoured running order, and advised Storm Lee and John Adeleye to be eliminated as a result.

When I was told not to take that running order on trust, this article […]