Coming soon: The X Factor Betting Files

Sofabet is now going quiet for a few weeks.

We’re pretty pleased with the start we’ve got off to. Daniel Gould’s Eurovision bets yielded him five-figure profits on each of the first semi-final, the second semi-final and the final, and garnered coverage in the Times, the Financial Times, the Express and Radio Five Live.

We […]

Britain’s Got Talent: The morning after

No surprise, the last to perform carried off the prize, as we had warned in our preview article. Once Janey Cutler had messed up her performance by missing her cue, and Spelbound had nailed their acrobatics, the result was never in doubt.

I reckon that they won by a large margin against surprise runners-up Twist […]

Britain’s Got Talent: The big night II

The draw was announced at the start of the show: Paul Burling at 3, and Tina & Chandi at 5 have not had their chances helped by the running order.

It’s most interesting to see two big hitters at the end of the show: Janey Cutler followed by Spelbound. They offer a fine contrast: the […]

Britain’s Got Talent: The big night

As mentioned in our article this week, the running order counts for a huge amount in BGT. This is not just because phone voters are swayed by what they see at the end of the show, but also for what it reveals about the producers’ hopes.

I’m signed up to email and SMS alerts, and […]