Eurovision semi-final 1 betting: The morning after

I’m delighted that the BAGS (Belgium, Albania, Greece and Serbia) all qualified, especially as I had around £35,000 on each of them going through. I also made some money on Slovakia not qualifying and opposed it in match bets with the BAGS.

Sorry to see Malta fall short, even though I hedged the £2,000 sum […]

Eurovision semi-final 1 betting: The big night

I have written two articles so far on the first semi-final, which finally takes place tonight at 8pm GMT, and I’m sticking to my guns. Those looking to place some money on Betfair should look into doing so between 7-8pm GMT when the market is at its busiest.

My first article on qualification bets picked […]

Eurovision Top Tip No.3: The vision thing

[Part of Daniel Gould‘s ten-part series of tips on Eurovision betting].

Eurovision – it’s a song contest, right? Wrong. It’s a TV show, and as such, the visual impact of each performance is crucial. Every winner in recent memory has had a money shot – a moment in their three minutes that allows it to […]

Eurovision Top Tip No.4: Style is not eternal

[Part of Daniel Gould‘s ten-part series of tips on Eurovision betting].

I sometimes get asked, ‘What kind of song wins Eurovision?’ In recent years, plenty of different styles of song have won the contest, and there is no definitive answer to this question. There is some more general advice one can give on the topic, […]

Financial Times article on Daniel Gould

Daniel Gould was featured in today’s Financial Times. Read the story here. This coming week, up until the final on May 29th, he will be updating the site every day with accounts of what he has been backing, as well as finishing off his top ten tips for betting on the Eurovision Song Contest.

Stay […]

Eurovision semi-final 2 betting: Turkey on a plate

You may have noticed from my article pinpointing the best qualification odds for the second semi-final, that I feel less certain of my selections in this heat. That’s true. But I am happy with an each-way bet I have made on the winner’s market for this semi.

The hot favourite is Azerbaijan. It’s my opinion […]

Eurovision semi-final 1 betting: Who needs friends?!

With the first rehearsals for semi-final 1 done, we have a reasonable idea of how each song will be presented on stage and it’s time to get stuck into the winners market for this heat.

My first article discussing who will qualify from semi-final 1 argued that four songs were clear of the rest. These […]

Eurovision Top Tip No.5: Time on your side

[Part of Daniel Gould‘s ten-part series of tips on Eurovision betting].

Timing your Eurovision punts is a tricky business. The betting market has a long, slow build-up of over two months, a quickening of pace during the two-week rehearsal period, and then frenzy on the night in question. When is it best to bet?

There […]